Positive Behaviour Support

At St Agnes’ Primary School, we believe that all students, their families, and staff have the right to a safe and supportive learning environment. We all (staff, students and families) share a responsibility to teach, foster, promote and encourage positive behaviours from all students.

St Agnes’ Primary School has adopted a whole school approach to encourage positive behaviour, “Positive Behaviour Support”.
This approach has a strong emphasis on teaching appropriate behaviours and providing systems of support to encourage these behaviours. They are based on a foundation of common language using consistent and clear expectations and experiences in all areas of the school.

The core elements of Positive Behaviour Support are based around the understanding that we can effectively teach appropriate behaviour to all children, early intervention is essential, using a multi-tiered model that monitors student progress, using data to make decisions.

• Green – Tier 1 whole school proactive expectations, language, support 85% of students will succeed with this element;
• Orange – Tier 2 support and intervention for 10% of students who require a minimum level of support to experience success;
• Red – Tier 3 support and intervention for 5% of students who require individualised, targeted support to experience success.

As a school, we have identified our whole school Clearly Defined Expected Behaviours that will be explicitly displayed, expressed, modeled and taught across the school. Our school PBS statement and logos are below.

“Centred in Christ, and with love for one another, St Agnes’ learners are
Respectful, Responsible, Resilient, and Resolute.”

• Students are positively encouraged and acknowledged for appropriate behaviour choices, both individually and as part of a group. This encourages their own intrinsic motivation, as well as helps to learn the skills of actively participating in a group.
• Examples of individual acknowledgement include; teacher feedback, smile, thumbs up, sticker, stamp, Dojo points, icy pole raffle ticket, certificate or commendation, awards, parent contact, newsletter recognition, end of term treat and Making Jesus Real stickers.
• Examples of group acknowledgement include a House Cup reward system. All students at St Agnes’ are a part of a House Team for sporting carnivals. To develop community across the school, the students work towards building points for their house when making positive behaviour choices on the playground. Staff or student “SRC Spotters” will provide students with a token on the playground to place into their house tub. Each week they are tallied and the students are given a running total. At the end of the term, the winning house is involved in a special treat.

• Working from the understanding that appropriate behaviours are skills that can be learned, requires opportunities for students to practice and apply their skills, as well as to receive consistent feedback and support when they are not managing themselves in a manner that is consistent with the whole school expectations. When this occurs, the behaviours are referred to as minor (teacher managed) or major (referral to Leadership Team).
• All students are made aware of the consistent process at the beginning of the school year. While the major focus is on encouraging and supporting students for their positive behaviour choices, the following procedures are followed to ensure that disruptions to learning are minimised and students are able to reflect upon their actions.