School Fees













To maintain our excellent Catholic Education system in the Diocese of Lismore, school fees are an unavoidable necessity.

The Government subsidies which apply to your child/children are applied to providing the teaching establishment in each school and the specialist services for our schools. Building costs and the
day to day running costs of our Parish Schools are the responsibility of the Parish.
The extent of that responsibility is understood when it is realised that these costs add up to millions of dollars annually.

The bulk of this must be met from school fees although to keep these fees as low as possible, the Parish subsidises these costs.

With the benefit of long experience, a benchmark fee has been established that is reasonable and relative to a normal household. This fee is adjusted annually to meet increasing costs and extraordinary items such as information technology, higher insurance premiums, new curricula etc.

Justice and equity require that many factors should be taken into account in order that every family is treated
equally. Factors such as the number of children, family income and employment situation all need to be
To this end the Parish has established a structure called “The Fee Assistance Program”. In other words,
parents may apply for a fee adjustment in the light of their present circumstances. This is not seen as charity
but an honest attempt to ensure that the burden of fees is applied justly and equitably to every family.
If you wish to avail yourself of this benefit, you are requested to contact the Education Team at the Parish
Administration Centre for the appropriate application form, or speak to the Principal. Any dealings in this
regard are completely confidential.

Parish policy for the payment of tuition fees is by Direct Debit or if applicable Centrepay deduction direct from
your Centrelink benefits. Direct debits can be paid in any of the following ways: 52 weekly instalments; 26
fortnightly instalments; 12 monthly instalments; 3 payments per year per invoice or one annual payment. The
annual payment, if paid by due date, attracts a small discount, determined annually.
Other methods of payment by request include: EFTPOS, BPAY and cash. Payments can be made either at
the school or at the Parish Administration Centre. The Agreement to Pay Form, accepting responsibility for
payment of school fees, should be signed by both parents and/or guardians whenever possible. This is a
requirement for enrolment.

The early payment and multiple student discounts are advised in December each year.

In addition to normal tuition fees, there are some additional charges depending on a student’s choice
of sports and extra-curricular activities. Class packs are also charged annually. These bills are payable
directly to the school via BPay, EFTPOS or cash and are to be paid in full each term, unless by prior
arrangement with the front office.

It is a requirement that parents or guardians contact the school and complete the formal departure
procedure, otherwise school fees may continue to be charged until formal notice is received.

It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to advise any changes of address or other relevant
contact details. The school and Education Team at the Parish Administration Centre should also be
contacted regarding other significant issues which may alter or affect the ability to pay school fees.