New Enrolments


Applications for enrolment are available at the Parish Administration Centre and each of the schools
throughout the year. All applications are considered by the Parish Enrolments Committee who decides on
placement of these applicants.

Applications for enrolment in the Kindergarten classes of the St Agnes’ Parish Primary Schools are
available from the Parish Administration Centre, Preschools and Primary Schools during the early part of
Term Two. The closing date for these applications is generally the last Friday in May.

The Diocesan Policy, with regard to Kindergarten Enrolments is as follows:
• Ideally, your child should TURN 5 BEFORE 31 MARCH. However, careful consideration will be given to
applicants whose birthday falls up until the end of July.
• Baptismal, Birth and Immunisation Certificates should accompany the application.

Towards the end of Term Two, parents are informed of the interview process conducted by the Principals
in each of the schools during the first few weeks of Term Three.
After the completion of these interviews, the Parish Enrolments Committee meet to consider all the
applications and determine the placement of children into Kindergarten classes for the following year.
This Committee makes its decisions according to the specific enrolment guidelines and policies of the
Parish Education Council.
Towards the end of Term Three, parents are notified as to whether their applications have been
successful or not.