Children leaving or returning to school during the day must be signed out and back in by the accompanying
adult. The appropriate book to accommodate this is held in the school office.

Children arriving late at school after the morning bell will need to be signed in at the office by their parent/
carer. A late slip will be issued to the child to take to their teacher.

An official Parents Authority and Consent form for each new child to the school (including new kindergarten children) is required to be signed by parents.
This signed form is kept with the child’s records and, thereafter, permits the child to:
• receive medical treatment at Hospital Outpatients
• attend school masses

A signed permission note is required from a parent or guardian for a child to:
• leave school early
• leave with an adult not specified on your emergency contact details
• travel in anyone else’s car
• leave the school grounds
• explain change to any part of the school uniform
• give authority to school staff to administer prescribed medication
• attend certain school organised functions or activities (ie. Swimming programs); or
• explain any absence from school

Consistent attendance at school, every day and for the full school day, ensures children make optimal progress. Daily attendance is recorded as a legislative requirement .
You are asked to explain via text message, note or phone call the reason for a child’s absence.

Please notify the Principal if:
• you are seeking extended leave for your child (10 consecutive days or more) – there are mandatory reporting requirements in relation to extended leave, and written notice to and response by the Principal is required prior to any such leave being taken. Absences for holidays are not ‘approved’ but count towards total absences for the given period.
• you are leaving the school

Please Note – Children arriving late or leaving early need a parent to drop off or collect their child at the front office and sign a slip in the student register.
Partial Absences are recorded on electronic rolls. Permission is also needed in writing to collect other parents’ children.
Parents are asked to make contact with the school if they require any assistance with ensuring their child is at school every day. Student attendance data is included on semester reports.

Please refer to our Student Attendance Policy which can be found HERE.