Arriving at/Leaving School

Students being collected by parents/carers in the afternoon need to wait in school grounds under the shelter area. Please do not come to the classroom door to collect your children after school.

School Zone/Road Safety
We ask all families to familiarise themselves with the road safety information in our traffic management plan. This plan ensures the safety of all road users and pedestrian traffic. Please always follow the instructions of our traffic controller for car park pick up, ensure that we follow the 40km school zone speed limit and obey all road rules to ensure the safety of others.

We ask that parents acknowledge the rules and regulations associated with the afternoon pick-up zone.
Forms and further information are available from the office.

Crossing Boronia Street can be very dangerous, both before and after school. Parents/Carers are requested to cross the road and meet your child on the school side.

Children leaving or returning to school during the day must be signed out and back in by the accompanying
adult. The appropriate book to accommodate this is held in the school office.

Children arriving late at school after the morning bell will need to be signed in at the office by their parent/
carer. A late slip will be issued to the child to take to their teacher.

On arrival at school, students are to walk their bikes to the bike rack at the designated area. When
leaving, students are to wheel their bikes to the front gate, where they will be escorted from the
school grounds and on to the road by the appointed teacher
• For safety reasons, all students must walk their bikes into and out of the school grounds
• Students are to wear their helmets at all times when riding their bikes

Bus Travel

6583 2499 (Monday to Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm)

Busways will be able to tell you which bus your child will catch, where to catch it and what time it leaves.
The following conditions apply for Bus travel:
ALL students in the INFANTS school (Kinder to Yr. 2) are eligible to travel free on the bus. A form,
must be completed online ( printed off and returned to school for
verification. Once forms are processed by the school and the bus company, a pass will be issued
• children are not allowed to catch the bus for free, until their formal bus pass arrives. This will be sent
to the home address, normally within two weeks of submitting a Bus Application form
• to be eligible for free bus travel, PRIMARY children must reside more than 1.6 kilometres radius
from the school or are required to walk more than 2.3 kilometers because of the nature of the street
system or the terrain
FEE FOR REPLACEMENT PASS: Contact Busways for a current price
• at the commencement of each school year, students who have previously travelled on the bus will
be issued with a new annual bus pass with the exception of students progressing from Year 2 to
Year 3 who need to reapply by completing a new form. These will not necessarily be ready for the
commencement of the school term, however, students will be entitled to travel by bus until their new
passes are issued. Students moving from Year 6 to Year 7, also need to apply for a new pass
NEW APPLICATIONS FOR FREE TRAVEL are only required to be completed when: a student is new to
the school; a child moves to the Primary Grades from the Infants; changes his/her address; or when
family circumstances change – NOT when the child has lost his/her bus pass. NB: DUAL CUSTODY
– both parties need to apply including Statutory Declaration / Custody Court Order, then if either
party’s details change e.g.: change of address etc, then both parties have to reapply. These forms are
available from the school office. Completed forms are to be returned to the school office and we will
then forward the necessary section to the bus company. You need to contact the bus company to
arrange times, bus stops, and which bus e.g.: Bus ‘68’, Bus ‘14’, etc.
• bus passes are only for use from home address to school and vice versa. Deviations from this course
require a parental permission letter, together with payment of a fare. (Refer to Busways for the
current cost)
IF YOUR CHILD GETS ON THE WRONG BUS, tell him/her to go to the driver. The driver will deliver all
the other students on the bus and then either bring your child home or take him/her back to the bus
depot. The procedure to follow from home, if this occurs, is for the parent to phone the school and
stay at home in case the child is delivered to your residence – the child will not want to come home to
an empty house. The school then contacts the bus company, enabling all parties to be well informed.
The bus driver is in phone contact with the depot which is very helpful in situations such as these
IF YOUR CHILD MISSES THE BUS tell him/her to come to the office and see the Office staff
NEW INFANT CHILDREN CATCHING BUSES: Each child will need to wear a label stating NAME OF BUS
AND THE CHILD’S ADDRESS, (Not the child’s name). When your Infants’ child is catching the bus for the
first time from school to home, please notify the class teacher
MISCONDUCT ON BUSES: Busways has the right to withdraw a child’s bus pass for misbehavior and
report to the School Principal. A conference will then be held with the Principal and Parents. The pass
will be reinstated following parental assurance that the misconduct will not continue