Homework Guidelines

At St Agnes’ Primary School, students are encouraged to develop responsibility for their own learning
by completing tasks independently learning tasks at home. In the past, considerable class time has been
allocated to checking homework completion and quality; this is not the best use of class time, but has been
necessary in order to provide immediate feedback and to draw out new or consolidated learnings.
Much of the research that has been undertaken on homework and its connection to student learning success
is inconclusive, however, we do see some correlation within our students between those who consistently
complete homework tasks and their academic growth.

• Tasks should be age and ability appropriate
• Homework can provide opportunities for students to develop skills in planning, organising time and
creating a habit of lifelong learning
• Homework can strengthen the link between home and school learning experiences
• Reading and comprehension are essential skills that must be practiced both inside and outside of school

Homework will allow children to:
• Practice and apply skills as well as reinforce concepts learned at school
• Develop organisational skills and independent work habits
• Develop a range of numeracy and literacy skills by accessing, reading and discussing texts and other
information sources
• Become responsible for their self-learning (age and ability appropriate)
Parents will be able to:
• Support their children’s education by monitoring homework activities
• View homework as an indication of school learning experiences
• Communicate relevant information to the teacher about homework activity
• Show interest and involvement in their children’s progress at school
Teachers will be able to:
• Communicate relevant information or considerations to parents
• Monitor student progress with regards to reading and other optional homework tasks
• Report on students work habits with regards to homework completion

• Reading will be a daily homework activity, with the inclusion of completing a homework log for each grade
at St Agnes’ Primary School. Kindergarten to Year 4 students will have a set reading log and for Year 5 and
Year 6, students will record their reading in the school diary (there may be an online or digital logging
option, depending on the grade)
• Students should be reading each night and logs will be completed from Monday to Thursday, meaning
that they will be presented to the teacher on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
• Other homework tasks focusing on literacy and numeracy skills will be provided for students. These will
complement class-based learning experiences. There will also be opportunities for revision, consolidation
or extension
• The emphasis for accountability to complete tasks will be on rewards not on consequences