Enrichment Programs

At St Agnes’ Primary, we are committed to meeting the needs of all students within our care and we provide varied learning experiences to cater to individual needs. This is undertaken throughout all grade levels

where teachers differentiate the curriculum to cater for students within their class.
In addition to programming, there are further opportunities to cater for talented students, as follows:

Various opportunities are available throughout the year, to develop students’ writing and public speaking skills by way of preparing and performing a speech in school competition.

Opportunities also exist for participation in different competitions and Eisteddfods.


Dance groups are prepared and participate in Eisteddfods and school functions.

These groups perform at school and community events.

There are many different opportunities for students to participate in creative arts, sport or academic activities. In providing each of these opportunities, the school aims to; promote respect for individual differences, create an educational environment in which each child will develop accordingly, and challenge all children intellectually, creatively, socially and emotionally.